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The Amazing Opie – Rescue Dog Takes Flight to New York

Opie in the PA-32 to SyracuseOn Thursday, August 16th we were contacted about flying a rescued hound dog named Opie to Syracuse, NY, or as close as we could get. After checking the schedule, learning the backstory of this amazing dog AND shedding a few tears in the meantime – we managed to secure Opie a flight! At first we were looking at a date in early September, but quickly learned that he did not have that amount of time. His foot was severely infected.

It just so happened that we were able to find another paying customer that was flying to Baltimore (BWI) that graciously decided to share his flight with Opie. He said that he didn’t care who was on the flight as long as they left on time. 🙂 Excellent! Outer Banks Airlines agreed to donate the remainder of the flight from BWI to Syracuse. So, all that was left was to was work out the fine details.

Opie’s Backstory

Opie is a 4 year old hound dog who has had a rather rough life, to say the least. He had his right rear leg amputated some time ago, and then managed to get himself stuck in a bear-style trap on his remaining rear leg. After he went missing for one entire month–yes, you read that right– he somehow made it home while dragging himself and walking on his two front legs. How he managed to do this is a miracle in itself!

He ended up at a local Ahoskie veterinary office where a kind rescue “angel” stepped in to save him. Through Penny’s hard work and networking with other rescue organizations, arrangements were made for him to have surgery to give him a new lease on life. Don’t cha’ think that a dog who drags himself home after a month, with such a will to live . . . doesn’t he deserve a chance?  We thought so and wanted to help this boy out!

The Flight

We made the arrangements with Penny and other supporters to have Opie arrive at Dare County Regional Airport, in Manteo, before sunrise Tuesday morning. The flight wasn’t the smoothest due to weather, but Opie did great. For the first part of the flight he got to ride in the same spot that Jeffrey Dean Morgan recently sat 😉

We landed at BWI airport and immediately everyone fell in love with Opie. A Signature Flight Support FBO lineman even came out to move him over to a grassy area on a passenger cart.  Several people gathered around to hear his story and give him lots of love. On the second leg of the trip to Syracuse, NY we allowed him to sit out of the crate. He was so cute, and such a good passenger.

Once we made it to Syracuse, we met the folks from Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary and they took Opie off with them to receive care with their vets and then on to surgery at Cornell. It is our understanding that he will be seeing some specialists to determine the next course of action. More than likely that will be a prosthetic and/or a cart.

How You Can Help

If you are interested in helping out this sweet canine by donating to his care, or donating otherwise to the rescue organization helping him, Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, you can – via paypal misfitsanimalrescue@gmail.com or mail to PO BOX 1331, Cicero NY 13039.

Special thanks to our generous customer flying to BWI, Penny, Henni, Dr. Powell, Michelle, the staff at Signature at BWI, Maureen and all the folks at Misfits Animal Rescue and Sanctuary. It was a pleasure to be a part of this amazing rescue!

We certainly had a blast helping out and look forward to hearing how Opie progresses in the future!

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