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R.I.P., Old Friend


RIP - Old Outer Banks Air Charters Site

Today, is a bittersweet day for Outer Banks Airlines. We’re saying goodbye to our previous website and saying hello to our new website. While we are super excited about the new look and feel – what do you think?! – we also feel a twinge of sadness for the passing of the original OuterBanksAirCharters.com.

After all, our last website served us well for 9+ years. That’s like 99 years in web years.

The original OuterBanksAirCharters.com was born in 2009 – two years after our company was founded. At the time of her launch, she was fully equipped with the day’s latest technologies. In her later years, however, she became increasingly set in her ways – sometimes downright grumpy – but through it all she maintained a cheerful and professional attitude.

The best part is that she introduced us to so many of you – our amazing customers! During the last nine years, we have met some truly amazing people – passengers from all corners of the country and all walks of life, families on vacation who wanted to see Outer Banks from the air, kids who took the very first flight with us, even zombie-killing TV stars.

We’ve also taken a number of big steps forward, such as hiring several new pilots, adding two new aircraft, acquiring the management rights to the Pine Island Airport and more.

Our original website was right there with us every step of the way. Sure, our new website looks great on phones, tablets and other devices. And, yes, she’s got a fancy new online airfare estimator. But even with all the awesome whiz-bang technology, we’ll never forget where we came from.

Besides, we know that our old website is in a better place now. She’s probably playing somewhere in cyberspace with Adobe Flash, Netscape, Internet Explorer and other outdated technologies.

Farewell, old friend. We’ll miss you. Here’s to another great 10 years of serving our favorite people!

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