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Outer Banks Airlines Flights & Tours

You expect the best in private air travel, so why should you expect anything less when it comes to traveling to and from the Outer Banks? Outer Banks Airlines makes flying to this part of the country a breeze with private flights to the Outer Banks and scenic air tours covering the area’s most acclaimed attractions and landmarks. Whether you travel to the area frequently for business or pleasure – or have a special request that commercial carriers simply can’t accommodate – we’re here to help with all of your air travel needs.

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Private Air Charters

From New York to Outer Banks. From Outer Banks to Charleston. From Washington D.C. to Outer Banks. Wherever your personal or business travel takes you, whether it’s across the state or across the country, Outer Banks Airlines is here to ensure your travel is always safe and secure, comfortable and convenient.

Outer Banks Air Tours

Seeing the Outer Banks by air is an unforgettable experience for adults and kids alike. How else can you get a bird’s eye view of the area’s scenic natural beauty and top attractions? Not only are our air tours fun for the whole family, they’re also a great way to ease your concerns of flying, especially if you’ve never flown before.

Specialized Services

Accessing property damage after a hurricane. Transporting pets that don’t travel well on commercial carriers. Performing marriage ceremonies 3,000 feet above the earth. These are just a few of the specialized services we offer, and we’re happy to accommodate your needs, no matter how custom or complex.