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Into the Wild Blue Yonder with Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Norman Reedus

Flying with Norman Reedus and Jeffrey Dean MorganAs you may know (or maybe not) over the past year we’ve had the opportunity to fly and get to know some pretty cool people that are kind of a big deal. Maybe you’ve heard of them?  Jeffrey Dean Morgan (wife Hilarie Burton) and Norman Reedus? Denny…Negan…Daryl…Ride with Norman…Murphy….any of this ring a bell? Anyway, it has been a blast flying them!!!

We have also racked up some pretty funny and crazy questions about them. So at this point, I’ll just cut to the chase and set the record straight on a few things.

  1. Although we would LOVE to be — Outer Banks Airlines is NOT the helicopter seen in The Walking Dead. We’ll put that one to rest.
  2. Secondly, no, Norman didn’t bring his crossbow and Lucille has never made an appearance either.
  3. And, nope, there were no fights between Daryl and Negan while in the air. Negan was the perfect gentleman and even let Daryl sit up front. But we did keep a close eye on him in the rearview 😉
  4. Lastly, for those that questioned the age of the pilot–listen to your Grandma when she tells you that you need an old pilot. There’s an aviation saying that goes like this: There are old pilots and bold pilots, but there are no old, bold pilots. And with that said, Charlie’s your guy. An old guy, but trust me, he’s your guy.

Seriously though, we’ve been super duper appreciative of these two great men that have caused quite a buzz on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Flying celebrities is not new to us though. In the past, we’ve flown other famous actors, athletes, television personalities, comedians and world-renowned business people from all over. The most important thing for you to know is that we don’t treat them (or charge them) any differently, better or worse–they’re just customers–going somewhere. Whether that is home, a second home, a lighthouse tour, or just to get away.

Now, back to our favorite zombie killers. Lots of people ask us what it’s like flying them and want to know more details.

If you’ve ever watched YouTube videos of them, or seen videos of them at a Comic-Con–that’s pretty much what they are like. There’s no act, or “putting on”. They are just ordinary guys that are good buddies and so much fun to be around.  They both really love their families and are extremely down-to-earth.

On Norman’s first flight with us, he asked a lot of questions about flying, took tons of pictures of clouds and constantly saw images in them. Clearly, he is a highly creative person. You should check out his photography and art at bigbaldgallery.com. And this particular flight, he talked so much that Jeff even asked when he was going to get a chance, lol!

They are both hard workers and passionate about their careers. When flying Jeff back to Atlanta several weeks ago, we noticed that he spent most of the flight time memorizing lines. It seems AMC changed his lines at the last minute and he had to re-learn them all. Even Negan has a boss, right? And let’s not forget actress Hilarie Burton, Jeff’s talented wife. She has been known to meet us all with a cup of coffee at the airport and has graciously allowed us to take pictures of her, son Gus and daughter George. They are cuties!

So, we’ve had lots of fun and are delighted Jeff and Hilarie decided to own a vacation home on the Outer Banks. It’s also pretty nifty that Norman likes to visit 🙂 We are blessed to know them, fortunate to fly them regularly and proud to call them friends.

And by the way, in case of a real zombie apocalypse, it’s great to know we have some experienced help out here. Amiright?

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