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Emergency Flights on the East Coast

As some commercial airlines are considering cutting the number of flights in their schedule, you may find yourself (or your family) in need of finding an alternative or even an emergency flight. As we’ve always said, Outer Banks Airlines flies anywhere!

You know those airstrips and smaller airports you see planes flying into? Sometimes you have an airport closer to your place of residence than you know. You just might have a much closer, much smaller, much less busy airport right around the corner.

With Outer Banks Airlines, there are no lines, no taking off your shoes, no machines to walk through, no going through your bags…..you see where I’m going with this?

And with Outer Banks Airlines, you have less to worry about the flu and the most recent COVID-19. The people you’ll be traveling with are your people. You know them. They’re not strangers. Except for your pilot. And your pilot, you will quickly find, will not be a stranger for long!

So, whether it be an emergency flight, an alternative to a canceled scheduled air carrier or you just want to stay away from the masses, Outer Banks Airlines has you covered.

While we typically fly our customers to and from the Outers Banks, we can pick you up and fly you into any airport on the East coast. I guess you might say we are “ride-sharing for the skies.” For example, charter flights from Washington DC and charter flights from New York, are two of our most popular trips. And those are beautiful flights!

In light of recent events, we expect to have an increase in demand, so click here to find your nearest airport and to check availability.

Or, to get pricing for flights from airports not listed in our fares section contact us and we’ll follow up as quickly as possible.

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Outer Banks Airlines

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