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OBX Coronavirus Re-entry

Dare County and OBX Reopens to Nonresident Property Owners

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All OBX areas will open to visitors on May 16. Since North Carolina is entering Phase I recovery, many restrictions and recommendations remain in place. Read more on the County links below.

Dare County Reentry

As of 5/4 Dare Co. is open to non-resident property owners, in phases by last name, though 5/8. This includes all areas south of the Pine Island/Duck line to the Ocracoke Ferry. The reopening date for visitors is being evaluated.

Currituck County Reentry

As of 4/23 Currituck Co. is open to non-resident property owners with restrictions. This includes all areas from the Pine Island/Duck line north to the VA State/Carova Beach line. There is currently no set date for visitor reentry.

Ocracoke Island/ Hyde County Reentry

We do not have any information yet on Ocracoke Island/ Hyde County reentry. You can check for any updates here.

Our Additional Rules for flying during this time:

  1. Do not travel if you are sick or exhibit any of the virus symptoms, fever, cough, etc.
  2. Face masks are required of all passengers.
  3. All flights will consist of family members/friends. No make-up seats allowed.
  4. Maintain social distancing before and after your flight.
  5. Currituck OBX nonresident owner permits will be honored by Dare County.
  6. Review all CDC guidelines at www.CDC.gov.
  7. Dare County bound passengers will be flown into First Flight at the Wright Memorial, Dare Co. Regional in Manteo, or Billy Mitchell at Frisco on Hatteras Island.
  8. Currituck/Northern Beaches bound passengers will be flown into First Flight Airport at the Wright Memorial or Dare Co. Regional in Manteo.
  9. As always, if you require ground transportation or rental vehicles, let us know as you book your flight.
  10. Aircraft are thoroughly disinfected between flights.

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