Outer Banks Airlines

Connecting Flights From Currituck

Flights from Currituck to the Five Outer Banks Airports

If you’re flying into Currituck County Regional Airport to reach the Outer Banks, you’ll still have some traveling to do before you get to your final destination.  For example, it will take you 4 hours or more to drive 130 miles down to Ocracoke, including the 1-hour ferry trip. If you factor in summer traffic, or if you don’t time the ferry departure perfectly, travel time will likely be much longer. Even the trip to nearby Corolla will take well over an hour to drive any time of year.

But there is good news! Outer Banks Airlines offers direct flights from Currituck County Regional Airport to any of the five Outer Banks airports. There is no quicker way to reach your final OBX destination than by flying with Outer Banks Airlines.

Our private flights are by appointment only and our Piper PA-32 aircraft can transport up to 5 passengers for the same price. We pick you up at the time that you specify and take you directly to the airport of your choice. If you require a return flight to ONX, we can fly you back to, too.

Flight availability is very limited during the busy summer months, so please book now to reserve your flight!


One-Way Fare

The listed price includes the total cost for up to 5 passengers to -or- from Currituck County Regional Airport.
* Pricing is based on our Piper PA-32 aircraft.