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Coronavirus Travel Updates – Outer Banks Airlines

In light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, we would like to address safety concerns that you may have about flying with Outer Banks Airlines.  The scheduled air carriers are laying off personnel, delaying training and canceling flights. But, we are an unscheduled air carrier and are not experiencing these setbacks. Actually, we expect a huge spike in our business, as other smaller charter companies have already seen around the United States. So book now to reserve your dates.

With us, you will only be flying with your family and friends, not strangers. But please, follow CDC and routine flu health precautions. If anyone in your family has symptoms of the COVID-19 virus, use common sense. Please don’t travel at all-driving or flying.

And just so you know, all aircraft in all commercial operations are thoroughly cleaned following a flight. Outer Banks Airlines also follows the same standards. Plus, we now also disinfect the aircraft with a commercial disinfectant, since the outbreak of this virus. We want you to know that we take the health of our customers seriously. Our safety record is impeccable and that will not change over a virus.

As we believe, there is no safer way to travel to and from the Outer Banks, than with Outer Banks Airlines.

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