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Best Airports for NYC to Outer Banks Flights

When you are considering NYC to Outer Banks flights, (to, or from), we have some opinions. Doesn’t everyone have an opinion these days? Of course, we think you should fly with Outer Banks Airlines, but we also have opinions on which airport you should choose to depart from. We ARE the flying experts, right?

To start, we try to discourage flights from Newark, JFK, and LaGuardia airports. They don’t save you any time at all (especially when you’re up in the air circling for an hour in the flight pattern just waiting to land), they have expensive fees and they’re just plain busy! We will, and do, fly out of all of those major NYC airports, but instead, let us offer two alternatives; Westchester/White Plains and Teterboro. They are both wonderful, smaller airports that we just love!

Teterboro Airport

Teterboro Airport is located in the boroughs of Teterboro, Moonachie and Hasbrouck Heights in New Jersey. At around $40, it has a slightly larger landing fee than White Plains (around $30), but it is our second most requested airport when coming and going from NYC. In fact, (a little history here), it is the oldest New York area airport and very popular. It actually dates back to 1919! There are two runways at Teterboro, but due to Teterboro’s popularity and proximity to other NYC commercial airports, there can be delays, though we see very few. There are 5 FBO’s (fixed base operations) at Teterboro, but we usually pick people up at Meridian. Meridian has very nice people and they are great to work with. Teterboro airport is very convenient for Manhattan residents and those who live on the west side of the Hudson River. Teterboro has no commercial airlines, is a short distance from the Lincoln tunnel and, when traffic is good, it can be the closest and shortest driving distance from downtown. When we fly you from Teterboro to the Outer Banks, the flight time is an hour and ten minutes in our fastest plane. Think about all the extra time you’ll have on the beach! You could literally be walking on the beach in less than two hours from after you leave the city. Teterboro is a great choice when you need a flight to the Outer Banks!

Teterboro Airport

Westchester County Airport, Serving Westchester/White Plains

We have the most frequent fliers out of the Westchester County Airport, located in White Plains, NY. Westchester County Airport is three miles northeast of the central business district of White Plains. Westchester/White Plains airport has the cheapest landing fee and is much less congested. When flying into or out of Westchester/White Plains airport, we usually use the general aviation FBO Ross Aviation-West. They will welcome you and treat you right! Unlike Teterboro, Westchester/White Plains airport is home to several commercial airlines and has a terminal. Westchester/White Plains has numerous fortune 500 company’s flight departments calling it home. Westchester/White Plains does not have as many delays as Teterboro because it is much further north of commercial traffic. Let us fly you to the Outer Banks from Westchester/White Plains—it takes an hour and fifteen minutes flying in our Pilatus. You’ll be relaxing in no time–and relaxation is why you take a vacation to the Outer Banks, right?

HPN Terminal

New York City To Outer Banks Flight Options

Here is a list of flights that we offer from NYC to the Outer Banks. We’ve talked a lot about our two preferred NYC airports, but in North Carolina, we can fly you into any of the 5 Outer Banks Airports. Just let us know when you request a flight.

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