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Lex training Hilton

Pilatus PC-12 Training 2018

This week three of our current Pilatus pilots, Teen, Tony and Charlie, received required annual recurrent training. Two more, Hilton and Davy, received their initial training. It was a very intense three long days of training, but also very fun and rewarding. For 2018, we added simulator (SIM) training to supplement our actual training in…
Blackbeard Jamboree Ocracoke Flights

Arrrggg! Getting to Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree in Ocracoke, NC

Outer Banks Events
Ready to get your inner pirate on? Hear some pirate storytelling and rowdy pirate songs? See some sword fights? Experience blacksmithing and the sounds of vintage black-powder weapons? Eat some amazing food? You can’t miss this event!!! The Annual Blackbeard’s Pirate Jamboree kicks off this weekend Thursday, Oct. 25 to Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018, in…
FlyOBX Jenna with the Amazing Opie

The Amazing Opie – Rescue Dog Takes Flight to New York

On Thursday, August 16th we were contacted about flying a rescued hound dog named Opie to Syracuse, NY, or as close as we could get. After checking the schedule, learning the backstory of this amazing dog AND shedding a few tears in the meantime – we managed to secure Opie a flight! At first we…
NYC to Outer Banks Flights

Best Airports for NYC to Outer Banks Flights

When you are considering NYC to Outer Banks flights, (to, or from), we have some opinions. Doesn’t everyone have an opinion these days? Of course, we think you should fly with Outer Banks Airlines, but we also have opinions on which airport you should choose to depart from. We ARE the flying experts, right? To…