Pine Island Airport Questions

For estimated fares and flight availability for Charters or Outer Banks Air Tours, please complete the fields below. Rates include up to 5 passengers and are subject to change.
<li>These prices are updated regularly so our sample fares are the minimum prices you should expect to pay. There are NO price negotiations.  We can provide an exact fare quote when your flight is booked.</li>
<li>Fares include cost for up to 5 people, so bring your friends to Fare Share.  Fares are NOT per passenger, but per FLIGHT.</li>
<li>If applicable, pilot wait fees ($50 per hour), landing fees and other fees are charged in addition to the fares below.</li>
<li>We accept PayPal, VISA, MC, Discover &amp; American Express. We give a 4% discount for cash.</li>
<li>You must reserve your flight with a credit card, regardless of your payment method. Your flight is not reserved until a card is authorized.</li>

Contact Info

410 Airport Road
Manteo, NC 27954